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Reading Read the text below. Some sentences have been removed from the text. Choose from (A-G) the one which best fits each space (1-6). There is one choice you do not need to use.

A Good Night's Sleep?

How much sleep did you get last night? Did you turn in early and get seven or eight hours or were you burning the midnight oil? Apparently, more and more of us are making do with less sleep these days. 1.______ We lead such busy lives that it can seem a waste of time to spend precious hours in bed. And we tell ourselves- some of the greatest people in the past got by on only three or four hours a night, so why can't we do it too? 2._______ research has shown that cutting back on sleep not only makes us feel a bit tired the following day but can also actually damage our mental and physical health. Important processes go on in our brains while we are sleeping The first few hours of sleep are called 'deep sleep: 3._________ allows more room in our brains for the next day's information. Later during the night, we enter a stage of sleep known as REM At this time, our bodies are paralysed and we can't move. During this time. our brains deal with any emotional issues from that day. 4________ means that our brains do not complete these functions. This can cause problems for us. As part of the research, volunteers were piven biood tests after sleeping for both shorter and longer periods. 5_________ illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. in addition to this, it helps us fight off infections and reduces inflammation So, it appears that having a lie-in should not just but part of a healthier lifestyle 6________ Surprisingly, recent This Shortage of sleep These suggested that extra sleep helps us build resistance to serious be an occasional luxury Now, there's a thought!

1)A. Maybe schools and workplaces should start later in the mornings to let us all sleep longer.
2)B. This is because sleep is increasingly being seen as a luxury rather than a need.
3)C. Although we have suspecred this effect for a long time, it has never been shown.
4)D. They produced some interesting facts about the effects of shorter or longer sleeping patterns on our physical health.
5)E. During this time, our brains move our experiences from the day into our long-term memory system
6)F. So really, how important is getuing a lot of sleep?
7)G. This is usually when we drcam a great deal.

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