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05.03.2014, 19:33

сочинение на тему "моя комната"

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28.04.2015, 11:04

We have a large modern apartment. All rooms are large and beautiful , but I love my room best of all. It is the most spacious and bright . It is between our kitchen and a hall. There is a big window with beautiful lace curtains in my room. To the right there is a very comfortable sofa. There are my favorite soft toys on it: baby elephant , polar bear and giraffe . There are lots of soft toys in my room, they are everywhere : on the table , on a bookshelf  and even on the floor. Directly in front of the window there is my computer desk and table -desk , where I do my homework or do my favorite thing - draw. .All the furniture in my room is light, so the room is always joyful . To the left of the table there is a large and very comfortable arm-chair where I often sit with a book or textbook. In the corner of the room there is a small wardrobe with a large mirror door.

I love my room very much.

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