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A. Вставьте нужное слово
Mr. and Mrs. Davis decided to buy Christmas presents for (1) family and friends and they spent several hours in the big shop. By lunch time, Mr. Davis (2) with the parcels of all shapes and sizes. He (3) hardly see where he was going when he and his wife left the last shop on their way home. They had to cross a busy street, and wait for the traffic lights to change. But Mr. Davis couldn’t see anything he moved forward into the road. Mrs. Davis cried her husband to come back off, but he couldn’t hear her because of the (4) of the traffic. Finally, she cried as loud as she could, “Harry, if you are going to stand in that dangerous place longer, (5) the parcels.”
1. They, them, their.
2. Was loaded, were loaded, loads.
3. Can, could, can’t.
4. Noise, light, darkness.
5. Give me, sell, eat.

B. Подчеркните слова антонимы
1. Town, trip, rest, village, journey, house.
2. Activities, right, work, wrong, job, magazine.
3. Unusual, colourful, answer, mysterious, question, primitive.
4. Little, willing, ready, here, strong, there.
5. Powerful, noiseless, sad, splendid, silent, merry.
6. Large, modern, peaceful, narrow, small, wide.

C. Напишите три основные формы данных слов
To put, to have, to give, to sleep, to begin.

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27.04.2015, 22:00

1. their
2. Was loaded
3. could
4. Noise
5. give me
B. Подчеркните слова антонимы
1. Town - village
2.  right - wrong
3. answer - question
4. here - there
5. sad - merry
6. Large - small, narrow -  wide.
C. Напишите три основные формы данных слов
To put – put - put, to have – had - had, to give – gave - given, to sleep – slept - slept, to begin – began - begun

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