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21.12.2014, 12:37

Составьте аналогичное описание оного из членов вашей семьи объемом не меньше 150 слов. В описание включите следующие разделы : - your opinion of the person - physical description - their character, habits, likes and dislikes

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06.09.2015, 17:45
My mother's name is Agnes. She is 36 years old and she works as a librarian in our school.

My mother is very beautiful and kind. She is tall and slender. She has a round face as everyone has, a bit long nose and big cheerful grey eyes. Her skin is a bit pale but she likes this fact, she doesn't like ruddy faces. She has no freckles. Her forehead is open. I think my mum has a charming smile. Her hair isn't very short but it is not long either. It is straight and blonde. She has rich hair.

She is very honest and decent and she is very responsible and reliable. I can tell her any secret, and I'm sure that she never will tell it to anybody, so I trust my mum. She is always ready to help me, because she is helpful and careful. The only thing I do not like that she is too stubborn.

My mum is fond of cooking. She can prepare the most delicious cakes. She always has a lot of different recipes, and every Sunday she surprises us with something tasty.

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