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25.01.2015, 12:55

Раскройте скобки ,поставив глаголы в Present Perfekt или Past Simple. 1.-Hello!Can i talk to Mary?-I`m sorry she___(Just leave).2.What`s she like&-She`s so nice.We___(have dinner)two days ago and i think i___(fall in love).3.Why___ you(not tell)____me this two months ago?4.___you ever___(do) this before?5.What`s wrong&-I think I_____(make)a mistake.6.How was your summer&-Amazing!I______(have) a great time!

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25.01.2015, 13:54

1. - Hello! Can I talk to Mary? - I`m sorry she has just left.

2. What`s she like? - She`s so nice. We had dinner two days ago and I think I have fallen in love.

3.Why did not you  tell me this two months ago?

4.Have you ever done this before?

5.What`s wrong? - I think I have made a mistake.

6. How was your summer? -Amazing! I have had a great time!

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25.04.2015, 18:49

вот решение


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