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21.03.2015, 15:28

Подготовить сообщение на одну из данных тем, на английском: 1. Buying things at a department store. 2. How you were buying presents for your family. 3. At a footwear department. 4. Why you prefer to buy ready-made clothes.

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06.09.2015, 17:44
I don't like shopping because I am a man am I hate walking between the shelves and choosing carrot-potato-sausage. But sometimes I have to do it . I usually do shopping in the supermarket. I love doing shoping in big stores because I can buy there everything I need in one place.
My favourite shop is Arkadia because it is the largest store where there are a lot of different things. My girlfriend showed me this store and she can spend hours walking in this wonderful store and looking at beautiful things. In this store you can not only buy something beautiful, but have a rest if you need. You can drink coffee or watch a movie in the entertainment center. But I love to go shopping alone, to choose something unusual and nice.
I dislike small shops. I do not like these stores because they have very few items and you can not find what you need. You have to go from store to store and look for the right thing.

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