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27.03.2015, 09:51

Помогите придумать свой детектив! С подозреваемыми и грабителями, и как я раскрывала это дело. Пожлуйста:) Желательно предложений так и 12-13

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28.03.2015, 10:51

Before the beginning of autumn, we left the country and returned to the city. We agreed with the neighbor so that he include the property remaining in the country. Before the New year, he called us and said that the country was robbed. I came with my parents to the holiday village to learn the details of the robbery. A neighbor told: "one night I heard a suspicious noise. Despite the bitter cold, I immediately got up and went to your cottage. I looked out the window, but all the glass is cold, and there was nothing I could see. Then I made a small hole in the ice that covered the window, and shone his flashlight. The room was a terrible mess". "Wait," I said, " how did you manage to make a hole in the ice, if in the cold icy crust may form on the glass only on the inner side of the window, in the room?". Then my parents called the police and reported that a neighbor was robbed our cottage.

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19.09.2015, 21:14
One day my friend and I were at the railway station and waited for the train to go on a holiday for a few days . The weather was warm , the sun shone very bright and I was hot . I wanted to put off my sweater . I put my purse , where there were all my documents, tickets and money on a bench near where we stood , and began to change. My sweater had a very small cutout , and I hesitated a little , shooting it through the head. When I put off my sweater, I didn’t see my purse on the bench but I noticed one fleeing figure like a teenager. It turns out that my friend distracted by a noise , and my purse was stolen. I was shocked . I started to cry and scream and my friend kept his head and ran after the fleeing boy. The most interesting thing happened later . When the teenager was caught and brought to us, I saw that my purse was holding a pretty girl in a tracksuit and a red baseball cap . It was so sad that the thief was so beautiful lady. Our train arrives, and we went on our little adventure , but the mood was spoiled .

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