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20.04.2015, 00:48

Раскрыть скобки, поставив глаголы в Past simple или Past Perfect: 1. Tom (to return) from the cinema at 5 o’clock. Tom (to return) from the cinema by 5 o’clock.2. He (to think) that he (to lose) the money.3. Ann (to tell) me that she (to see) the film.4. When I (to come) home, mother (to cook) dinner.5. When father (to return) from work, we already (to do) our homework.6.The teacher (to understand) that Lena (not to do) her homework.7. When we (to come) to the station? The train already (to leave).8. Nick (to show) the teacher the picture which he (to draw).

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24.04.2015, 08:35

1. Tom  returned from the cinema at five o'clock.
 Tom had returned from the cinema by five o'clock.
2.He  thought that he had  lost the money.
3. Ann told me that she had seen the film.
4. When I  came home, mother had already cooked dinner.
5. When father returned from work, we had already done  our homework.

6. The teacher  understood that Lena had not done her homework.
7. When we came to the station, the train had already left.
8. Nick  showed the teacher the picture which he had drawn 

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