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11.05.2015, 16:45

4. Вспомните свой худший отпуск/каникулы. Напишите небольшой рассказ об этом размером примерно 15 строчек. Используйте

Past Simple Tense как можно больше.

Составить рассказ вам помогут следующие вопросы:
- When was it?

- Where was it?

-Who were you with?

-Why was it bad?

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15.05.2015, 22:02

My worst holiday was in my home. At the first day of my holiday I phoned my friend and asked him: "Саn you go for a walk with me". No i can not - he answered me - I will go to the Barselona. I  was very sad becouse my friend is not home. But I thought that i have another friend and phoned him. He said me he can not play with me becouse he will start travelling to the Minsk. I was very sad. I did not know what can I do. I was lonely at home I did not want to play computer game or watch TV. I only wanted to meet my friends. I phoned my mum and said  her about my problem. She answered me that I do not worry. She will come later and play with me. I thanks her and them go out the home to the street. 

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19.09.2015, 21:30
A few years ago a group of tourists and I went to the mountains and we would like to climb up the peak. We were in our middle of the road suddenly the thunder struck and snow avalanche collapsed.

Then the tragedy occurred and the most tourists came under the snow.

One of us managed to release a signal rocket and somebody informed about the incident at the tourist camp. We called the emergency centre and many rescue workers arrived. Unfortunately, almost all the participants were blocked with the snow. I was the only survivor.

But I had frostbitten feet and hands, I was seriously injured. The doctor confirmed that besides I has got pneumonia and multiple fractures.

It was the worst holiday in my life.

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