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17.05.2015, 17:53

Составьте предложения c данными словами и выражениями. to establish; received a professional degree; to provide employment; to implement; stream of education; to ensure; to provide higher education; graduate; to train; education space.

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18.05.2015, 07:47

 He decided to establish a hospital for sick children.

At graduation, they received a professional degree diploma for completed higher education.

Аn employer has an obligation to provide employees with a statement of written particulars within the first two months of employment.  

It’s a good thought, but it will be a difficult thing to implement. There are diverse streams of education.

One turned all the way around to ensure no one was watching.

The principal task of which is to provide highereducation based on free and internationally oriented research.

I have graduated from the University in 2010.

It's just impossible to train in those types of conditions.


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