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19.07.2012, 18:30

сочинение, на английском языке, моя будущая профессия

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19.07.2012, 18:30

Менеджер по туризму.
Сейчас большой выбор профессий. Выбрать ее, на мой взгляд, не так просто. Вы только задумайтесь от этого выбора зависит ваше будущее, здесь ошибаться нельзя! Нужно чтобы ваша профессия была прибыльной, перспективной, но самое главное интересной для вас!
Профессия во многом зависит от характера человека. Нужно учитывать многое в этом не- простом выборе. Людей не бывает одинаковых, каждый человек по-своему интересен и уникален. В наше время профессия найдётся для каждого, было бы желание! Главное выбрать то, что действительно вам по душе.
Я мечтаю быть менеджером по туризму. Это очень интересная перспективная профессия в наше время. С каждым годом число желающих отдохнуть за пределами нашей страны всё больше и больше. Это сложная, очень ответственная работа. Менеджер по туризму поможет выбрать страну, организовать поездку и оформить все необходимые документы. Он должен быть хорошим психологом, чтобы найти человеку подходящий вариант: например, паре с детьми нужно найти отель, где будет интересно и детям, и взрослым, а молодым людям, где будет шумно и весело!
Меня очень привлекла эта профессия, ведь мне нравиться путешествовать по миру. У каждой страны есть своя изюминка, что-то необычное, особенное. Ещё мне очень нравится общаться с людьми. Я не вижу своей жизни без общения! На сегодняшний день я думаю, что эта профессия будет интересна для меня.

Manager of tourism.
Now a large choice of occupations. Select it, in my opinion, is not so simple. You only think of this choice will depend on your future, you cannot make a mistake here! You need to your profession was profitable, perspective, but the most important thing exciting for you!
Profession depends largely on the nature of man. You should consider not much-a simple choice. People are not the same, everyone in his own way is interesting and unique. In our time there for every profession, there is a will! All pick and choose what you really like.
I dream to be Manager on tourism. This is a very interesting perspective profession nowadays. Every year the number wishing to relax outside our country more and more. This is a complex and very important work. Manager of tourism will help select the country to arrange a visit and arrange all the necessary documents. It should be a good psychologist to find someone appropriate option: for example, a couple with children need to find a hotel, where it will be interesting for adults and children and young people, which will be noisy and fun!
I am very attracted by this profession, because I like to travel the world. Each country has its own twist, something unusual, special. Still I like to communicate with people. I do not see my life without communication! So far I think this profession will be interesting for me.

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04.04.2013, 01:37

Every teenager at some point starts thinking which profession to choose for the future and I’m no exception. My name is Tanya. I’m fifteen and I study in the 9th form of the state school. As this academic year comes to an end I need to decide on one important problem. It’s about my future studies and profession. I have a choice to stay at school and continue my studies here, or to leave this school at the end of May and continue studying at the local Veterinary College. From one hand, I love animals and I’ve always wanted to be a vet, from the other hand, my parents insist on another profession. They want me to stay at school two more years and then to enter the largest University of Law in our region. They think that it’s a very noble and respected profession. It must be also well-paid. I’m sure that they are right, but still my dream is take care of pets. I hope they will understand me sometimes. I know that it’s not an easy profession but I’m sure it’s very rewarding. Another problem is the change of institutions. I have studied at this school since my first grade, so I will definitely miss it if I leave for College. Besides I have many good friends from our class, so the change will be a bit painful for me. I will need to adapt to new conditions and people around me. But I hope I’ve made the right choice. After all, if I decide to get the one more profession in the future, I’ll probably choose law.

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04.04.2013, 01:38

My future profession is engineer in area of computer systems of the control. This method of engineering are applied in several fields not connected directly to manufacture and construction. It is based on the systems modelling of the production operations. For this necessary knowledges as in the field of computers, so and in the field of mechanical engineers, and also many other technical knowledges. Due to it I have a very big the range for choice of professional activity. Single that I know for sure - my work will is connected with the computer. Nowadays the major trend in modern offices is computerization. Use of the computer is a very efficient in production. Because of it we can immediately understand how object was designed. And if this necessary, possible it is improved. Thereby possible to spare much time and money. Besides in our professions necessary not only skill to control separate processes, but also production as a whole. Necessary correct figar out work of all production objects, and also сoordinate actions of workers in this system. At present, use the computer technologies allows powerfully to shorten the amount of workers that is to say automate the production. Exactly automation of production is one of the the main problems of my future profession. And only highly skilled specialists are capable execute this problem. At present I learn in Technological University. In process of education I already got the experience of the use of the computer for performing the tasks. To example, I carry out all drawings with help of the computer. Drawing on paper requires much more time, but result is got much worse. In the future I hope that my experience in work with the computer will help me to find the get useful and interesting work connected with my profession.

Оценка: 3.2 (голосов: 34)

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