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19.07.2012, 17:08

сочинение на английском языке про праздничный обед

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19.07.2012, 17:08

Есть много праздников в нашей стране, 8-ое марта один из них. Это счастливый и хороший праздник.
Когда моя мама утром уехала в деревню к бабушке. Я же, желая сделать сюрприз, решила сама приготовить праздничный обед. Вымыв руки, надев фартук, я приступила к готовке.
Сначала почистила и поставила варить картошку. Потом нарезав овощи, сделала несколько салатов.
Вскоре и мама вернулась, и была очень рада! И предложила вместе испечь праздничный торт.
There are a lot of holidays in our country, 8 March one of these. This is a happy and a good holiday.
In the morning when my mother went to the village to Grandma. I have the same, wanting to make a surprise, I decided to cook a holiday meal itself. Washed his hands, wearing an apron, I started cooking.
First počistila and boil potatoes. Then narezav vegetables, made several salads.
Soon and MOM returned, and was very happy! And invited along to bake cake.

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19.09.2015, 19:32
January 7 is the most joyful holiday in the world. We call it Christmas. According to the legend it is a quiet family holiday. On the night of January 7, people set the holiday table with twelve traditional dishes , among which there is always kutia (porridge with raisins) and a lot of different delicatessens. Christmas traditions include the rite and caroling with the mummers. Costumed children and adults go from house to house and sing Christmas carols - short funny songs. And we give them sweets and small coins. Other traditional is Nativity Christmas divination.
Most importantly, what you need to remember during the Christmas holidays that is a celebration of love, warmth, tenderness, and family well-being .

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